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American Vadha Kempo Karate

American Vadha Kempo is a very strong form of martial arts that has seen a huge rise in members over the last decade. This is basically an offshoot of karate which also includes kick boxing, hand mechanisms along with judo, grappling and Zen training. Zen training basically helps to gather concentration and focus to help fight single mindedly. If the focus is disturbed in the course of karate, a winning position can very easily become a losing one.

The fighting style is unique and therefore can be used for dual purposes, both to attack and to defend, although this is mostly learnt to protect oneself from attacks. It is especially suggested to women to protect them from molestation or rape or any such threats that may exist. It has very different and fresh styles of fighting which makes it better than any other style of defense. Though many styles come close, this is by far the deadliest and the best.

This website includes the various types of Vadha Kempo and how it grew in America. A detailed history is also provided. Since it includes all the world's most deadly martial arts forms it is in a league above all the martial arts forms. There are meditative exercises involved in the beginning to help breathe and relax. As long as the body is not stress free, the body cannot fight. This way of martial arts teaches how to calm down the body when tense and then prepare the body to be swift enough for a fight!

There are goals to be mentally set in case of Vadha Kempo karate. You should know what you are aiming for and pursue it accordingly. Martial arts are as much an art as painting. It needs to be delicately nurtured and developed. There is a system and a rhythm to it and you need to practice yoga and other forms of meditation in order to boost your rhythm to go about it. It will help the self confidence and co-ordination and flexibility too.

This website also contains vital information pertaining to the usefulness of this martial arts form and also how people are benefited by it. This is deemed to be one of the purest forms of weaponless defense of oneself. There are strikes, punches and kicks and there are different angular motions of attack. The body should be breathing properly and also the position must be both firm and flexible at the same time to get the maximum effects.

This form of karate is just an off shoot, but we also provide information regarding the original forms and also its other forms and how they blend together to form this martial art. The main roots of it are in China, but when it developed here in America, they changed their form and shape. There are many ancient philosophies of self defense and this martial art is based on those lines. There are essentially nine aspects which one must keep in mind while indulging in this.

  • One has to breathe easy.
  • They should be able to strike at the vital areas and know where pressure points exist in a human body and attack accordingly.
  • The assailant must know how much they intend to hurt the victim and attack accordingly.
  • They should know about joint locks.
  • They should be able to grapple effectively.
  • They should have a very good control over their own bodies and also their own pains.
  • When they attack someone, the other person is bound to attack back and so, one should know how to tackle that and fight back efficiently.
  • They should be able to protect themselves from choking.
  • They should know all about throwing and sweeping.

And if the victim is more talented they should know counter treatment of all the above things in case they happen to you. This website also offers guidelines on how far to go with this martial art and how one must not misuse it under any circumstance. It is for self-defense.