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Vadha is a martial art from Tibet, a traditional form which means to slay. In ancient times this style could be translated into “slay using an empty hand” or “slay using a poison hand”.

Karate Vadha is a form of martial art which originated in Tibet. How this form of martial art came into being is not all that clear. It is stated that Vajira Mushti, an ancient martial art style was the predecessor to this form of Karate. Vajira Mushti also played a significant role to further other forms of martial art. According to an ancient story Dharma, a Budhist monk in Tobet originally founded the Vadha style. He practiced this art with his disciples which later spread throughout northern India and Nepal. Omah Kellie a Vadha practitioner decided to settle in the United States in 1957. He soon met Jack McCrave who was vacationing in Palm Beach, Florida. McCrave was a bricklayer who used his limbs relatively easily to break lumber into several pieces. Kellie decided to train McCrave in Vadha which went on for many months. Kellie left the United States in 1965, but McCrave had mastered the highest rank by this time from his Maya master.

McCrave opened his own Vadha school in the late 1960’s on Staten Island called the Zen Combat Institute. Zen refers to a meditation philosophy in Japan with the goal of achieving self-actualization. This goal is based on principles found originally in Budhist and Hinduist ideals. McCrave’s school trained a number of students on martial arts for many years. During its early years, a number of these practitioners even gave demonstrations on martial arts in various places. McCrave closed his school after many years. One of his students, a black belt, shortly thereafter, founded the Vadha Kempo, a new style of martial art.
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